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Supporting Summer Camps and Their Staff Since 2018

Dear Scout knows that a safe and successful camp experience starts with the staff. Combining years of camp and youth development experience with best practices in therapy, mental health hygiene, and employee support programs, our team has crafted a unique support system specifically designed for our camp counselors, directors, specialists and team members. We know that many of our camp staff have incredible support systems through their universities, workplace, or school settings during non-summer months.


So why should they stop receiving this care in order to work at your camp?

Instead of increasing stress and anxiety in staff, let's go above and beyond to provide them with this incredible employment benefit. Dear Scout creates a crucial bridge of mental health support over the summer. Not only is this an incredible gift that you can offer your staff, it's invaluable insurance for your business. Save time, energy, money, and reputation by investing in your summer camp staff from day one.


Camp Focused Therapists + HIPAA Compliant + Flexible Hours + Administrative Support


All the work done for you
You are a camp director, you can do almost anything! Dear Scout is
here to help you focus on what you do best. With our licensed
therapists, HIPAA Compliant teletherapy system, and complete
administrative support, we will be able to provide the highest quality,
confidential mental health support for your staff this summer.

membership includes

Pre-summer Leadership Staff Webinars

Summer Staff Orientation Training Materials

5 Counseling Sessions

Ongoing Mental Health Resources to Share with Staff

Timely and Practical Print-Outs to Post in Your Staff Lounge

End of Summer Survey and Usage Summary

Mental Health at Camp Training Partnership with Fence Post Learning

Member Exclusive Add-Ons

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